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REACH (reech):

  1. to arrive at from moving, going, traveling, etc.

  2. the ultimate positioning for a sail in a crosswind.

  3. your solution to developing tomorrow's promising young leaders today.

Great performers don't automatically become great leaders. 

Who's next in your leadership pipeline? 

REACH is your outsourced solution for leadership development. Our goal is to make it easy for you to create a robust talent pipeline of promising leaders who are driven by a desire to achieve exceptional results and positively impact others in the process.

We do this by combining practical skills and knowledge development with internal reflection and discovery needed to grow a great capacity for leadership of the self.

How it work

how it works

Our unique three-way partnership between the participant, their manager, and the REACH learning team opens a new pathway for learning that is clear, supportive, and engages each learner to put their new insights into practice.





Over the course of our 10-month program, participants will develop:

  • clarity about what kind of leader they want to be

  • appreciation for the cross-functional partnerships essential to their own strategic alignment and accountability

  • resilience in their ability to navigate uncertainty and change

  • an understanding of the importance of effective decision making and communications, especially in times of crisis

  • skills in navigating paradox, differences and difficult conversations

  • a mindset for listening and seeking feedback as fuel for personal growth and development

  • a learning cohort & network from diverse business functions and industries

what learners from our

2020 pilot group had to say...


Lena, Experian

One of the greatest learning opportunities was to explore my drivers, values, and experiences, to understand how they shape who I am and want to be as a leader. I think this program would be beneficial for all individuals who want a stronger connection to the work they do, but especially for those who are (or aspire to be) people leaders.

Natalie, Ingram Micro

The format provided space to reflect, and take stock of the decisions I've made, both personally and professionally, which have shaped the person I am today - an analysis which also informs the person I am hoping to become. Being able to bounce ideas off the peer group, and listen-in on others’ journeys, created a full sense of perspective that is almost impossible to find alone.

Courtney, Edwards Lifesciences

I have to mention the amazing speakers that they brought that ended up being so relevant as we shifted into this remote-COVID world. They were highly engaging and really challenged you to think differently about the situations we all were being placed in, and how to help lead your organization through a crisis by being authentic and acting with empathy and care.


Sherry Benjamins 

Sherry is known for her trusted relationships and strong reputation in this community.  She is most interested in the seismic shift affecting every aspect of work, worker and workplace. Her career spans years in the corporate HR leadership space, transition consulting with a global leader and as a P&L executive, owner founder of her talent strategy and search firm for 23 years. She is now shifting to create impactful and meaningful learning group experiences for early career professionals.  Sherry has an MBA from Pepperdine, supports two non-profits and a mentor for Thrive Scholars, which supports high-achieving, low-income students of color.


Tamara Sicard, PhD 

Tammy focuses on the person-at-work, understanding that only by effectively engaging and developing people will an organization be able to unleash a culture of performance excellence. Her areas of expertise include strategic planning, coaching, integration across work processes, leadership development, and creating culture change. Tammy has a Doctorate in Human and Organization Systems from Fielding Graduate University. Prior to founding Partnership Advantage, Tammy spent 17 years leading operations and staff functions for Fortune 100 and 500 corporations. She is the author of Unleashed: The Power to do More with More

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