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REACH (reech)

  1. to arrive at from moving, going, traveling, etc.

  2. the ultimate positioning for a sail in a crosswind.

  3. your solution to developing tomorrow's promising young leaders today.

Great performers don't automatically become great leaders. 

Who's next in your leadership pipeline? 

REACH is your outsourced solution for leadership development. Our goal is to make it easy for you to create a robust talent pipeline of promising leaders who are driven by a desire to achieve exceptional results and positively impact others in the process.

We do this by combining practical skills and knowledge development with internal reflection and discovery needed to grow a great capacity for leadership of the self.





Our unique three-way partnership between the group member, their sponsor, and the REACH learning team opens a new pathway for learning that is clear, supportive, and engages each learner to put their new insights into practice.

Over the course of our 10-month program, participants will develop:

  • clarity about what kind of leader they want to be

  • appreciation for the cross-functional partnerships essential to their own strategic alignment and accountability

  • resilience in their ability to navigate uncertainty and change

  • an understanding of the importance of effective decision making and communications, especially in times of crisis

  • skills in navigating paradox, differences and difficult conversations

  • a mindset for listening and seeking feedback as fuel for personal growth and development

  • a learning cohort & network from diverse business functions and industries

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